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Flight Time Calculator

Our flight time calculator allows you to work out the approximate duration of any point-to-point flight in the world. Curious about how long it would take to fly from Brisbane to Hong Kong? Want to know how many hours it takes to fly from Sydney to Paris? The flight time calculator will work it out for you. It even gives you flight times based on the aircraft you are flying in. To use the tool, enter the city you want to depart from, e.g. Melbourne, and the city you are flying to, e.g. London.

Enter a city (e.g. Sydney) or airport name (e.g. London Heathrow) below.:
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How Times Are Calculated

  1. The flight time calculator provides an approximation of flight duration and distance.
  2. We assume that flights are non-stop and direct from city to city. Long haul flights typically connect through a hub airport or stop to refuel, which is not accounted for in our calculation. Calculations for short haul flights will be more accurate as these tend to be point-to-point.
  3. Flights are plotted according to the most direct route. In the real world, flights may be required to take a less direct route.
  4. Flight durations are calculated using cruising speeds and do not take into account unfavourable weather, the time taken to reach cruising altitude, or the time it takes to go from cruising altitude to landing.