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Earn Uncapped Points

Why settle for a frequent flyer credit cards which will cap your points earning? Travel farther with a card that won’t hold you back. Compare the credit cards that allow you to earn uncapped points in the comparison table.

Qantas American Express Discovery Credit Card

Earn 7,500 QFF points when you apply before 31 August 2014. Redeem for Classic Award seats.

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HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card

Earn up to 2 QFF points per dollar spent. Free Int Travel Insurance. Bonus 20,000 QFF points when you apply, are approved and make an eligible purchase. Apply by 30 June 2014.

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American Express Qantas Ultimate Credit Card

Enjoy 50,000 QFF points. Free domestic return economy flight each year PLUS domestic & international travel insurance.

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ANZ Frequent Flyer Credit Card

Uncapped Qantas Frequent Flyer points. Complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership, save $82.50.

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Westpac Altitude Credit Card

Bonus 5,000 Altitude points points on your first purchase. Earn double points for the first 3 months on purchases.

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American Express Qantas Premium Credit Card

Up to 30,000 QFF points when you get the card and start spending. No points capping or expiry. Two Qantas Club invitations each year. International travel insurance.

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American Express Velocity Escape Card

Apply and be approved by 30 June 2014 to receive 7,500 bonus Velocity Points. No annual fee. Earn up to 2 Velocity Points for every $1 spent with Virgin Australia. 0.99% p.a. for 6 months on balance transfers with a 1% fee.

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ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Credit Card

Free overseas travel insurance, extended warranty & purchase protection.

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BankSA Amplify Credit Card

Access to two reward point programs. Free membership to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

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BankSA Amplify Platinum Credit Card

Access to two reward point programs. Free membership to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

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Learn More About Frequent Flyer Cards with No Points Capping

Every experienced frequent flyer knows very well what point capping is. For those who are less versed in frequent flying, or who just never paid close attention to these things, point capping means that the number of points you can earn and accrue during a certain period (usually one year, less commonly six months) is limited. After you reach the cap, you either start earning points at a lower points-per-dollars ratio, or you cannot earn them at all. Point expiry is another feature that some credit cards have, and it means that after a certain period, if you haven’t used up your points, they become invalid and basically useless.

Because of this, many frequent flyers opt for credit cards that have uncapped points and no expiry points. Fortunately, most banks, credit card companies and airlines offer at least one credit card with uncapped points.

Linked Rewards Programs and Partner Airlines

Some of the frequent flyer credit cards with uncapped points include Qantas American Express Discovery, Westpac Earth Standard, Gold and Premium, Westpac Altitude Standard and Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, American Express Qantas Premium and Ultimate, American Express Gold Ascent, NAB Qantas Platinum, Velocity NAB Standard and Gold and Citi Select.

Rewards programs linked to these frequent flyer credit cards include Qantas Frequent Flyer (as one of the Australia’s top frequent flyer programs), Velocity (Virgin Australia’s program), Citi Rewards along with Citi Qantas Rewards (Citibank’s rewards program, the latter is developed in cooperation with Qantas and provides direct link from the card to the program) and Altitude Rewards (Westpac’s rewards program).

This does not mean that you can only earn miles when traveling with Qantas or Virgin Australia – each program has a wide range of airline partners, and most companies flying in or from Australia are participating in one or more of these rewards programs.

There are also non-airline or bonus partners through which you can earn your points. Most partners come with bank’s rewards programs and the partnership allows you to earn and redeem your points for a wide range of products and services, from accommodation, car hire and insurance to shopping, travel, leisure, lifestyle and entertainment.

If a card comes in two versions – American Express or MasterCard/Visa, you will always earn more points with the American Express version.


The most important (and the most obvious) benefit of these frequent flyer credit cards is the fact that the points earned by using them are not capped. It means that you can earn and accrue your points as much as you want and move up through status levels and tiers in frequent flyer programs, without having to worry what will happen if you reach a certain amount of points.

Surprisingly, there are frequent flyers who actually don’t travel all that frequently. For them, whether the points are capped or not may not be such big of a deal. But if you are interested in accruing as many points as you can and in redeeming them for a great reward you had in mind, point capping is really a drawback.

Capping can also refer to the amount of money you spend with your frequent flyer credit card. For example, the cap is placed at $3.000 per month. By spending up to that amount you should be able to earn at least 3.000 frequent flyer points or miles. However, after you reach the cap, the points-to-dollars ratio changes, for example from 1 point=$1 to 0.5 points=$1. Therefore, by spending, say, $4.000 dollars per month you no longer earn at least 4.000 points – you earn only the half of it.

All this means that uncapped frequent flyer credit cards are ideal for those who plan on spending a lot with their cards and to pay the balance off with cash. Thanks to these credit cards, those people will be able to accrue a large amount of points in a relatively short period (if they can afford it, of course), without having to suffer from any limitations.

Also, when points are capped, they often come with an expiry date (for example, you have to redeem all the points you accrued within a 12-month or a 24-month period). What if you can’t or don’t want to redeem them and just want to keep accruing them instead? Fortunately, uncapped points usually mean no expiry either, which is another great benefit of these frequent flyer credit cards.


The fact that there is no points capping or expiry can never be a drawback, nor does it imply some negative aspects of that particular feature. However, each frequent flyer credit card comes with its own terms and conditions regarding other features, which may not necessarily be positive.

One of the features to look for is the annual fee. Some cards with uncapped points have very expensive annual fees. The purchase rate, interest-free period or the required minimum income may also be less than favourable.

Another thing to consider is the flexibility. Direct earn credit cards are linked to one specific airline and you can only accrue that airline’s frequent flyer points. If you travel with many different airlines, you may want to choose a card linked to a rewards program instead, because that way you can still transfer your points to various frequent flyer programs and still earn points through that particular rewards program.